Coming of Age

Amy Raphael looks at how, In an ever-changing market, today's star artists are being given a run for their money by the Old Masters

If we build it, they will come

In August this year, Variety, the American trade entertainment magazine, ran two features with dramatic headlines. The first appeared alarmist: ‘LA mayor declares state of emergency as movie and TV production flees Hollywood’. Until, that is, the second popped up. Illustrated with an image of Darth Vader set against a Union Jack background were the words that would please any geek this side of the Atlantic: ‘Star Wars deal marks latest coup for the UK’.

The Next Big Thing

In the vast world of contemporary art, which upcoming talent will be a sure- fire investment? Amy raphael asks some leading experts for their views and tips, finding that the best bet is just to go with the pieces you fall in love with.