Fantastic Mr Ford - Hollywood's hero on fatherhood and flying planes

August 19 2011: I have been waiting to meet Harrison Ford since I was ten years old. I remember watching him play the bad-boy bounty hunter Han Solo in the first Star Wars film in 1977 and thinking he was so very cool in his black waistcoat and tight blue trousers, wise-cracking his way around the universe. And now, over three decades later, here is Ford in a room at Claridge's offering a firm handshake and just a hint of a smile.

Roman holiday: Gianni Di Gregorio's Trastevere

August 14 2011: The arthouse film Mid-August Lunch made the colourful streets of Trastevere its backdrop. Our writer explores Rome's quirkiest quarter with Gianni Di Gregorio, the film's star

The Times

This extended interview with the film director Danny Boyle follows his career over a period of 15 years, film by film, from Shallow Grave to Slumdog Millionaire. It took Amy Raphael, a freelance journalist, 15 minutes to convince Boyle to allow her to document his experiences and seven months to talk with him over 11 sessions, some of them lasting up to four or five hours at a stretch.

Why Sebastian Barry writes as a woman

July 30 2011: The master storyteller talks about Ireland’s troubles, the Queen’s supernatural power and the contentment of writing as a woman

Ben Whishaw: Hold the front page

29 Jun 2011: Ben Whishaw is putting the poets and dreamers behind him, and playing a ruthless 1950s hack. He talks to Amy Raphael about roles, trolls – and what gets him angry

The Shadow Line: Don't mention The Wire

Tuesday 3 May 2011: Fiendishly complex and morally ambiguous, The Shadow Line aims to bring HBO-style drama to the BBC. Amy Raphael talks to its creators about rebooting the cop show